Have you ever thought about how it is going to be to give birth? How about giving birth to a cartoon? A-ha, both questions occupy our minds lately as both due dates are getting closer and closer - the real 'blood sweat and tears, why did you do this to me, get this baby out, fuckerrrr' one, and on the other hand my presentation of Comic-ish to a panel of industry people, (ooh we sound so special with words like industry and panel). So in this blog post we'll share some notes on birth education and the birth of a web comic.  

It happened around the same time. The day Comic-ish went online and the day I discovered I can no longer stuff my face with brie and wine. Since then we're in a pilot mode - testing the waters, trying out new things, growing little by little and looking more like a cartoon every day. That's the way it is done, you can't expect to see your baby without going through a long process.

In the process of having the real, screaming one, we joined a day of childbirth education in our hospital. We were opting for some hardcore breathing and swaying sessions along with our fake plastic baby and in some awkward positions. I was ready for my role as a hyperventilated walrus and my better half, my Russian bear was ready for his role - a sleepy Russian bear. I was ready for some action, posing in weird positions that would help me later on in the task of tearing in half gracefully. 

It was a long day. We didn't get to huff and puff, but we did get to sit for hours and listen to a nice lady go on and on and spam us with photocopies of what she just said. We did get to have a photocopy of recommended positions - and I think you should all get your copy too. It had some pretty erotic, Kama Sutra style positions. Some of which my Russian bear really wanted to try when we get back home and when time comes - in the delivery room.

I especially liked the outfit worn by the illustrated female model - an infantile body suit, tres chic but not very helpful when trying to pop out a human cartoon. Well, not tres chic either, more like on the ridiculous side of things. I was amazed that with this look there were no positions such as 'the rubber girl', 'the super split', and the 'Comăneci somersault'. 

At the end of the day we came back home tired and hungry and mumbling mummy mummy, but also with some inspiration (mainly for Comic-ish).  Final note before I go practice my elegant ballerina position - whatever is your brainchild, try to create it out of passion, know that it takes time to grow and be ready for when it needs some puffing and pushing to get it into the real world. I'll go sit on my ball now :-) 

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