Not ashamed to admit, I am a natural born procrastinator. I manage to accentuate the insignificant and eliminate the important stuff. Is it a gift or a true remarkable talent? Can’t tell, but somehow I drift away, pulled by the undercurrents of truly foolish trifles and when I float back again to the surface I discover – “Hey it’s already 7:30 pm! The day is officially over! Time for some Master Chef”.

Not different today.

First - creating a virtual ‘to do’ list is extremely important if only to know what to avoid. After doing that today (and of-course going through the amazingly boring facebook news feed – who cares that you are having coffee with your best friend? Some event, pfff!), my brains felt available for only one groundbreaking endeavour and that is the creation of dimples. I always thought they are cute and will suit my face. Took a whole lot of time I’ll tell you.

Giving that one up, I remembered we were in desperate need of a new Krugstad or Klippa or Ektrog or whatever that is that has a Scandinavian sound to it and is preferably made of fibreboard and herring. 

Lunch break! All that getting lost in IKEA’s mazy showroom looking for a proper Hogcrappen made me hungry. Well, one just have to eat before getting back to work. I stepped out of the Scandinavian paper-mash paradise into the streets of Asian galore - land of dumplings, rotten bok choys and unidentified creatures floating in a noodle soup. I had the noodle soup. Let me tell you, I still don't know what was in there but I suspect the stock was made of stockings.

On the way back something truly serious grabbed my attention. Autumn leaves! Got to find the biggest leaf ever! Must find. Must find.

Sitting back at my computer I started feeling the load of the hard work I have done so far. My brain once again was a scrambled egg waiting for a fork to pick in it. Nothing. Who can work like that, right? Blood circulation was in-order, therefore it was time to perform a marvellous headstand. Too bad I have no idea how to get in that awkward position, nor can I perform a split or roll. 

Thank god, it's 7:30! Day is over! Time for Master-Chef...

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  1. I was procrastinating while creating this comic. Oh, and yes also while writing this comment...

  2. Madam, I'd like to say besides illustrations, I really like your smart/funny/aggressive(from time to time) sarcasim in this stories! and I think you and Igal are doing a great job! bravo ;)

  3. Well much obliged dear madam yourself. Gracie!